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*Offer not valid on AVM 60 or STR integrated Amplifier Products

*Offer not valid on AVM 60 or STR integrated Amplifier Products

Trade UP to Anthem

Trade UP ANY BRAND of old electronics for 20%-off select* new Anthem processors, receivers or amplifiers!

It's time to retire that old processor and graduate to multi-channel, your antique amp is running dangerously hot these days, and your old receiver is not "tuning" in to the latest streaming audio technology. Trade them UP to new Anthem electronics today, and get a minimum** of 20%-off the purchase price of the newest, most powerful technology from anthem.

Offer Valid May 1 - June 30, 2017

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The best in both Analog and Digital Home Audio Systems


We work with all manufactures to insure the optimal video solution to fit your needs


Intuitive and efficient Smart Home Solutions for any scale project

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Our new showroom was built so that you can explore what is possible in Home Entertainment Technologies.  We have dedicated Stereo and Home Cinema rooms, as well as a Personal Audio area focused on the best there is in Headphone and Desktop based systems.  We embrace all technologies, both Analog and Digital.



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